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​​On this page you will find information regarding remote learning (on-line learning) over the period of the recent lockdown.​


Monday 2 August (Prep - Yr 6 Email)


Dear P-6 Parents and Carers,

Today teaching staff have been preparing remote learning for students for the remainder of the school week. You will receive email communication from your child's classroom teacher by 8.30am tomorrow. Staff are presently working to even start sending this out this afternoon. The email will include all the relevant information you require in order to support your child's learning whilst at home. This week the work from teachers will consolidate and reinforce previous learning particularly in the subject areas of English and Mathematics. If you have any queries please communicate directly with your child's classroom teacher.


Monday 2 August (Year 7-12 Email)

Today teachers are busy preparing online learning lessons for students to access via their Class OneNote. Class Teachers will email students, via their school email account, as well as parents, information about class work for tomorrow. Further emails will be sent by Class Teachers with additional class work as they prepare lessons for the remainder of the week. Class Teachers will deliver one lesson per week online via Microsoft Teams. This app gives teachers the ability to interact with students online via video and chat functions. Class teachers will advise the lesson time that this will occur, participating in the Microsoft Teams lesson is compulsory for all students. Class teachers will email students instructions on how to access Microsoft Teams.

Secondary students of Essential Workers attending the College are being supervised only to access the same online learning materials as students learning from home. Supervising staff are not necessarily class teachers of attending students and will be unable to provide support for students having difficulty with their learning. All students are to access support from their Class Teacher in this area. All students are encouraged to email their Class Teacher for assistance with their online learning.

Where possible for learning at home students should follow their normal school timetable. Students can access their timetables via OneSchool using their school network access username and password ( ). Lesson times are as follows:

• Lesson 1: 8:50 – 10:00 am
• Lesson 2: 10:00 – 11:10 am
• First break: 11:10 – 11:50 am
• Lesson 3: 11:50 am – 1:00 pm
• Second break: 1:00 – 1:30 pm
• Lesson 4: 1:30 – 2:40 pm

The Year Level Wellbeing & Engagement Heads of Department will make contact with parents of their year level to confirm where the College might need to offer support to students having difficulty accessing online learning materials due to technology issues such as lack of internet connection or device access. Please respond to this email when you receive it if support is required.

To meet student attendance recording requirements set by the Department of Education, all students will receive a daily email from their Lesson 1 teacher that day titled 'Attendance'. Students learning at home are required to reply to this email by 9:30 am every day during the lock down period. From this reply the Lesson 1 teacher will then record their attendance in our attendance tracking software DayMap. Same day SMS absence notification to parents and carers will still occur where students do not respond to the daily attendance email. If your student is sick, parents and carers are still required to communicate this with the College so teachers are aware of their inability to participate in learning at home on this day.

To support student and family wellbeing during this difficult time our Secondary Guidance Officer, Helen Morris, will be sending students and parents information to refer to about maintaining good health and wellbeing during the lock down period. We understand that for some students and families this can be a very stressful time. Students and parents are welcome to reach out for support from the Guidance Officer. The best way to make contact is via email at

If you or your child has any issues or concerns, the Class Teacher of the subject they are having the concern with is still their first option for accessing help. If you are unsure who to contact for assistance please contact your student's Year Level Wellbeing & Engagement Head of Department. Contact details for the Year Level Heads of Department are:

• Year 7 – Rohan Dean
• Year 8 – Tanya O'More
• Year 9 – Koda Whitney
• Year 10 – Jay Collins
• Years 11 and 12 – Jacqui Lewis


The department also provides a range of materials including curriculum-based activities and resources and online and offsite guide for schools to support sustained curriculum delivery and minimise any disruption to student learning. Parents and carers can also make use of the learning@home website.​


If you need technical support please contact our IT Team on: ​

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Last reviewed 02 August 2021
Last updated 02 August 2021