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Whether you are looking to study at UCSC  or are currently studying on campus, the International Programs Department is the first point of contact for international students.

We welcome students and parents to contact staff to discuss any questions they may have surrounding schooling, sporting, social and lifestyle issues during their time in Australia.

As an International Student Program (ISP) student, it is important that you understand and adhere to both the college's policies and procedures as well as Education Queensland International's (EQI) visa conditions for attendance, course progression and behaviour. Please refer to the list of related links for more detail.


A student's visa will determine whether they study at our college as a local domestic student or join the International Student Program through Education Queensland International  (EQI).

Before contacting the college's enrolment officer, all potential students must contact EQI on 1800 316 540.

For further information, please visit EQI. (link )  For specific information about Upper Coomera State College visit EQI – Upper Coomera State College

Each year level has a unique and diverse range of subjects students may choose. 

​​Information to study at Upper Coomera State College

  • Before your stay: You must apply via EQI.  We also ask you complete the UCSC enrolment package and Introduction form and email to the school before your arrival.

  • Arrival: Upon arrival, you will be picked up from the airport by your homestay family or Airport Transport and taken to your new homestay.  When you arrive in Queensland, the Homestay Coordinator will talk to you about the many ways you and your homestay family can help you feel comfortable during your stay on the Gold Coast.

  • Uniform: UCSC has a strict uniform policy which must be adhered to at all times.  We suggest you bring a black leather, lace-up pair of shoes with you and white ankle length socks.  All other items are to be purchased upon arrival and homestay parents or staff will help with this. See dress code policy (PDF, 1.1MB) and uniform shop.

  • Travel: Homestay students must complete a travel and actives form each time they travel outside of the local area, wish to stay at a friend’s house or participate in an EQI  holiday adventure program.


We encourage our international students to see Australia and travel safely. 

Australian experiences are organised by International Agents and Education Queensland International during school holiday periods for interested students. 

International students need to be aware that there are certain guidelines and restrictions to travelling within Australia. This is due to the welfare arrangement in place for students.

Please refer to the International Student Travel Policy to familiarise yourself with the travel conditions prior to arriving in Australia.

Holiday adventure programs

EQI holiday adventure programs are a safe way for EQI students to travel and sightsee during their EQI program. 

There is a wide variety of exciting holiday programs available. To find out more information please visit the EQI holiday adventure programs website

You will need to complete an application, which can be downloaded from the EQI holiday adventure program website. Please note places are limited, so participation cannot be guaranteed. 


​​​All homestays are arranged by the Australian agent.​​

Last reviewed 25 July 2022
Last updated 25 July 2022