Catchment area


​Upper Coomera State College (UCSC) provides access to an appropriate educational service for students whose principal place of residence is within the schools catchment area. Because of enrolment capacity and growth it is necessary for UCSC to take action to manage enrolments. We have limited capacity to accept enrolments from outside the catchment area.

The enrolment management plan (EMP) sets out the conditions under which students may be enrolled at UCSC, subject to any other requirements or limitations as detailed in the enrolment manag​ement plan on the Education Queensland website. The EMP is to be read in conjunction with the catchment area map.

The school's enrolment capacity for students who live outside the local catchment is dependent upon:

  • the school's enrolment capacity

  • catering for in-catchment enrolments

  • allowing for in-catchment growth during the year

  • ensuring an even spread of students across all year levels while maintaining class size targets.

As UCSC is a prep to 12 school it has three catchment areas; one for years prep to 6, one for years 7 to 10 (negotiated) and one for years 11 to 12 (negotiated).

All students who reside within the local catchment area and are eligible for enrolment in the educational program offered by the school have a right to enrolment at the school. The Principal will hold places for students who relocate to within the catchment boundary throughout the school year.

Out of catchment enrolment

Students who reside outside the school's local catchment boundary are required to submit an Application for Out of Enrolment Catchment Area form along with your enrolment documentation.

Please download the out of enrolment catchment form (PDF, 342 KB)

Students out of catchment who apply for enrolment at the school will be put on a waiting list in order of receipt of application. Where there is spare capacity, students will be enrolled from the waiting list based on the following criteria and order of priority:

  • Years 7 to 12 students requesting enrolment in one of our four Signature programs, who demonstrate a high level of academic, and/or cultural arts and/or sporting achievement through documentary evidence.

  • Children and young people who are subject to child protection orders that grant guardianship or custody to the Chief Executive Officer of the Department of Child Safety.

  • Siblings of students already enrolled.

  • Students who reside outside the catchment area and who officially leave the school have right of re-entry within one semester. After one semester re-admission will be considered in accordance with the enrolment criteria.

  • If students' change school due to change of residence and request to return to Upper Coomera State College, they have right of entry within a semester of their departure. If greater than a semester, parents can request enrolment and are subject to vacancy availability as determined by the Principal.

Places for students living outside the defined enrolment boundary will be managed to ensure an even spread of students across year levels and to ensure the total enrolment does not exceed the school's accommodation capacity for students.

Applications will be considered after the Principal has analysed the availability of enrolment vacancies currently and in the future in year levels across the school and then in order of receipt. Students will be placed in classes at the discretion of the Principal.

An offer of enrolment for a student who resides outside the catchment area for a particular year level is for that student only. Siblings will be considered for admission in accordance with the enrolment criteria subject to available space.

For further information please either visit the school enrolment management plan or contact us directly.​

Last reviewed 21 January 2020
Last updated 21 January 2020