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Hub Student Support Centre

​Upper Coomera State College has implemented a new Behavioural Support strategy called “The Hub” Student Support Centre.

The Hub principle is based on the ideals of the Responsible Thinking process, and its purpose is to create a safe environment conducive to learning and free from disruptive behaviour. The main aim of this program is to support those students with minor behaviour issues, and teaching them to take responsibility for their own behaviour.

The “Hub” support centre” will be a dedicated quiet room located in the East end of Staff room 1, positioned intentionally near the welfare support team offices. The centre is designed to provide students with the opportunity to reassess their choices and focus on thinking responsibly. Supported by a Support Hub Coordinator, the student will be treated with respect and with confidence that they are very capable of managing the process of re-entry to the class they were disruptive in.

Rather than telling the students what to do, we will be empowering students to take responsibility for their actions and teaching them to think on their own and create their own effective behaviour plans. Triggered by a series of 3 questions, students will be provided with 2 reminders by their classroom teacher that their behaviour is causing dispruption in the classroom. If they reach the 3rd reminder they will be asked to take their class work to the "Hub Support Centre".

The Hub Support Centre is not based on rewards and punishment because that places responsibility for the actions on the person with authority instead of the child, where it belongs. Instead it will be a supportive space where students make a plan on how, as a young adult, they will make the right steps needed to get their behaviour back on track.

Please ensure you read the Hub Student Support Centre brochure for more information. 

Hub Student Support Centre Borchure