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Teaching and learning

In 2011 Upper Coomera State College has adopted Dimensions of Learning (DoL) as its P-12 pedagogical framework. DoL is a whole school educational framework that is designed to provide high quality seamless education from Prep through to year 12 by providing teachers with the best teaching approaches and practices. DoL is a comprehensive model that uses what researchers and theorists know about learning to define the learning process. Its premise is that five types of thinking - what we call the five dimensions of learning - are essential to successful learning. The Dimensions framework enables educators to:

  • maintain a focus on learning

  • study the learning process

  • plan curriculum, instruction, and assessment that takes into account the five critical aspects of learning. (MCREL)

As a comprehensive model of learning, DoL will have an impact on virtually every aspect of your child’s education. Based on research into the cognitive processes involved in authentic and deliberate classroom practices, DoL ensures educators not only understand the best strategies to use but also how and why these strategies work. 

It serves to provide the staff, students and parents with a common vocabulary and shared understanding of the teaching and learning process. Through this understanding students will be able to move seamlessly not only between year levels but also between subjects knowing that although the content may change the thinking and learning processes are fundamentally the same. By establishing a common understanding around both the learning process and thinking processes UCSC will provide its students with greater opportunities for success.

  • Dimension 1

    Dimension 1

    Attitudes and perceptions

  • Dimension 2

    Dimension 2

    Acquire and integrate knowledge

  • Dimension 3

    Dimension 3

    Extend and refine knowledge

  • Dimension 4

    Dimension 4

    Use knowledge meaningfully

  • Dimension 5

    Dimension 5

    Habits of mind

  • STEM Academy

    STEM Academy

    Upper Coomera State College works in collaboration with leading tertiary providers, government and industry groups to ensure that our students are well equipped to enter an ever evolving job market.