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Year 6


In Term 3, Year 6 students read, view and listen to advertisements in print and digital media. They understand how text features and language features combine to create a persuasive effect. They demonstrate their understanding of advertising texts’ persuasive features through the creation of their own digital multimodal advertisement, an explanation of creative choices and a blurb to accompany their multimodal advertisement.


Students will demonstrate their learning by creating their own multi-modal advertisement to persuade a target audience to visit a selected Asia/Oceania  tourist destination.


In Term 3, Year 6 students will apply a variety of Mathematical concepts in real-life, life-like and purely Mathematical situations.  The topics covered in Term 3 are:

  • Fractions and Decimals
  • Angles
  • The Order of Operations
  • Problem Solving


Students will demonstrate their learning by completing assessment tasks on the following Mathematical concepts:

  • Order of Operations
  • Investigating Angles
  • Fractions and Decimals


In this semester long Year 6 Geography unit, students take a global view of geography and build their geographic understanding. They learn about the location of major countries in the Asia/Oceania region and the difference in economic, demographic and social characteristics. Students analyse and interpret data in order to reflect on cultural similarities and differences. Students will then explore Australia’s connections with a selected country in the Asia/Oceania region. They will investigate the global connections Australia has with the selected destination, their people and places as well as how people’s connections to places affect their perception of these places. 


Students will demonstrate their capacity to describe the location of selected countries, construct maps using cartographic conventions and analyse a range of data. Students will also investigate what Australia should do to ensure mutually beneficial connections between Australia and the selected Asia/Oceania country in the future. Students will compile their findings in a research project, prepare an oral presentation and present their findings to the class.