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Year 1


This Term in English the students will be learning about procedural texts in both informative and imaginative structures. They will learn to create a procedural text and be able to recognise a procedural text.

They will also listen to, read and interpret a series of narrative texts to create an innovation. 


In this unit students apply a variety of mathematical concepts in real-life, life-like and purely mathematical situations. Through the proficiency strands - Understanding, Fluency, Problem solving and Reasoning, students have opportunities to develop understandings of:

Fractions and decimals - halving and doubling collections/quantities

Number and Place value - use standard and nonstandard partitioning of two-digit numbers, count in number patterns, model numbers with a range of materials, add single digit numbers to two digit numbers, subtract multiples of ten, represent part unknown, develop and refine mental strategies for addition and subtraction problems, represent part unknown  

Chance - identify chance events

Data representation and interpretation - gather and represent data Patterns and algebra - investigate growing patterns, connect counting sequences to growing patterns, represent addition and subtraction number patterns. 

Using units of measurement - compare and sequence familiar events in time order/length


In this unit students explore sources of light and sound and the senses used to observe them. They manipulate materials to observe how light and sound are produced, and how changes can be made to light and sound effects. They examine how light and sound are used in everyday life and by a variety of cultures. They make predictions; share ideas and sort information about light and sound and represent and communicate their understandings in a variety of ways


Students will explore basic colour theory and have opportunities to discuss how artists use colour. Students will produce artwork that incorporate different colour schemes.