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Prep students will be identifying rhymes, listening to rhymes and stories and creating their own rhymes and presenting them through spoken and written communication.


This term students will continue to count, make, order and compare collections , initially up to 20.  They will use units of measurement to measure the duration of events, length, mass and capacity.  They will gather, represent and analyse simple data.


Weather Watch. In this unit, students use sensory experiences to observe the weather and learn that we can record our observations using symbols.  Students explore the daily and seasonal changes in the local environment and understand that weather conditions are not the same for everyone.

Goals and Expectations

By the end of term 3 your child will be expected to:

Know all their golden sight words and 15 of their red words.

Be able to identify the sound, letter name and a word beginning with this sound for most letters of the alphabet.

Confidently read level 2 and be starting to read level 3 home readers.

Count forwards and backwards from 15 and recognise numerals 0-20. 

Accurately count groups of objects 0-15.

Solve simple addition problems to 5 using concrete materials or pictures.


Prep A: Ruth Chapman
Prep B: Jodie Laird  
Prep C: Sonya Stevens
Prep D: Clare Troy
Prep E: Simone McKenna

Advancement Team

HOD (Students with Disabilities): Noemi Kinsella
Teacher: Julie Brock

Specialist Teachers

Music: Hank Lewerissa
HPE: Craig Maher and Colin Gane
Art: Michael Hume
Science: Matt Holland