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December 09
2017 Staffing Update

Dear Parents & Guardians,

I am pleased to announce that the 2017 college leadership team will just about be the same one that finished 2016.  Next year the primary school leadership contains
Hine Luis – Principal Primary Campus
Deanne Parker – Associate Principal
Anne Randall – Deputy Principal P-2
Scott Johnstone – Deputy Principal years 3 to 6
Jill Seymour – Head of Special Education Services
The secondary campus leadership team will be
Corey Munson – Principal Secondary Campus
Kylie Gurney – Deputy Principal years 10 to 12
Richard McDaniel – Deputy Principal years 7 to 9
Kylee Leota – Head of Special Education Services

I will also be staying on for 2017.  This year has seen a much greater level of stability in the college leaders with seven senior leaders appointed reducing the number of acting positions. With Corey and Hine coming from Principal backgrounds and leading their own schools prior to being appointed to UCSC, I am looking forward to the continued improvement that UCSC demonstrates next year.  

Even at this late stage of the year, this week I have witnessed or been a part of (1) Interschool sport planning (2) Humanities subject planning (3) Recruitment of a Success Coach for disengaged junior secondary students (4) Recruitment of a primary school Reading Coach (5) Planning for how to teach Reading more effectively (6) Making the best possible classes for 2017 in terms of student balance.

I am really excited for what 2017 beholds with an A Team leading the ship, so we hope you all jump on board with us to make UCSC a great place to be!


November 17
UCSC Shines in STEM

On Tuesday night at the Griffith University Science Awards the Upper Coomera State College STEM Academy won a highly competitive and prestigious award (only school to win an award).  UCSC won the Griffith STEM Ambassador School Award for 2016.  In the awards handbook the description stated:
“Upper Coomera State College is celebrated for developing a collaborative educational community in the Northern Gold Coast region which works together to provide a seamless science, technology, engineering and mathematics (STEM) pathway from primary education to university.
The Griffith STEM Ambassador School of Excellence Award recognises the outstanding contribution to STEM outreach and engagement from all levels within the College.
Upper Coomera State College promotes Griffith University tertiary pathways to students, parents and the broader community.  The College hosts and supports numerous Griffith Sciences events such as STEM Cup, Science and Engineering Challenge, Pop Up Science Centre, Cutting Edge 4 Kids and Trivia Nights.”


What does this mean for your child?
The long term result of our relationship with Griffith University is that your child can gain direct entry into a Bachelor level degree program by successfully meeting the criteria of the Upper Coomera State College Griffith University STEM Academy. The past two years has seen over 20 UCSC year 12 students offered Griffith University places prior to graduation and the end of the school year.
Your child may have already had experiences in STEM lessons from prep right through to year 9.  Your child might be participating in the after school STEM Workshops or STEM Cup. 
In 2017, we have a STEM Excellence Program for high achieving students or students who have a passion for STEM related learning activities in years 5 to 9 and a Senior STEM Excellence Academy that will provide numerous opportunities for students to experience university life before their next natural progression.
At the awards ceremony we were invited and offered assistance by a number of prominent and influential academics including the new Queensland Chief Scientist, Professor Suzanne Miller and Pro Vice Chancellor (Science), Professor Robert Sang, who want to support UCSC in the establishment of our STEM Academy pathway with Griffith.  In addition, Professor Sushila Chang, Dean (Academic), would like to discuss with our students Intellectual Property Rights, so that they can safe guard their ideas and become young entrepreneurs of the future.
Congratulations to our 15 student STEM Ambassadors who were led by Julia Cullen in being recognised for their remarkable achievements this year.

Kind Regards,

Mr Capra

Executive Principal, UCSC

November 10
Executive Principal Update - Use of Mobile Phones

Dear Parents

As a college we are always considering ways to continuously improve. Currently, based on feedback from the student council, made up of a representation of year 7 to 12 students, staff, and families, the college is examining the use of mobile phones during school hours on school grounds.

This year there has been a significant decrease in the number of acts of physical aggression and bullying. However, a number of students have been excluded (expelled) for such behaviour.  On nearly every occasion, the act of physical violence commenced in the first instance with a social media post which was viewed on a mobile phone at school.

The number of our students who have received severe consequences for sexting, sending inappropriate and illegal images, cyber bullying and arranging fights is the source of great distress to the students, their families and College staff. 

Many of the high level behavioural incidents this year caused by social media and phones have commenced outside the school gates and after school hours.  Student reactions to what they have viewed on social media / videos / posts, although posted outside of the College, ends up as our problem as the students act out their frustration about social media posts inside the College.  Despite regular proactive educational sessions, lessons and programs, a number of our students are socially and emotionally vulnerable to what they read and see on their mobile phones.

Our teachers have given feedback that class learning time is often lost with students busy on social media and not engaging with the lesson as they are too worried about the latest post in which they are mentioned.  Despite events earlier this year where a fight was recorded and uploaded to the internet and both the recorder and uploader of the fight were excluded from the College, our junior secondary students continue to use their phones to record events at school in the hope of receiving their 15 minutes of fame (where all they will receive is a consequence for their behaviour which may include being excluded from the College).

Mobile phones have become an essential means of communication throughout the community. Messages need to be sent by parents to students and students to parents, however, we can’t continue to operate as we always have.

I do not mean to make a very complex issue simple, however, it could be argued that no mobile phone use at school can relate directly to an increased level of positive student behaviour and reduce significantly the incidents of inappropriate behaviour.  It should be noted that the Student Council earlier in the year had suggested no mobile phone use during lunch break time to get students more active and more likely to talk to each other face to face.

A blanket ban on mobile phones may not be practical for our community and working parents in communicating with their children.

What are your thoughts?

Does the College examine a no digital device access during lunch breaks? 

Does the College examine an 8:40am to 2:40pm ban on mobile phones and digital devices unless under direct teacher supervision in class? 

I am after community feedback specifically about mobile phone usage in the College setting so please feel free to express your ideas in answer to the questions above.  

Kind Regards

Chris Capra, Executive Principal

November 04
Secondary School Update

I want to begin this week’s blog first by respectfully acknowledging the horrific accident that took place last week at the Dreamworld Theme park complex.  Our heartfelt love and thoughts from the entire Upper Coomera State College community go out to the families, relatives and friends of the four people who have tragically lost their lives in this incident. 

An event of this nature has not only affected people on the Gold Coast, but all over Australia and the world and for our community it is a time when we must come together and support each other. As we go about our everyday lives we tend to take things for granted and forget how important it is to get along, be kind to one another, treat each other with respect and support and look out for each other.  We must understand that sometimes in life there are tragedies such as this that remind us that life is precious.

We’re aware that UCSC has many connections to the Dreamworld organisation, whether it be through work experience or traineeships at the park, family or friends who may work there, or simply connections as a patron.  Therefore, the college has offered any type of support and counselling we can to our community.  If you are a student simply contact a staff member who will help guide you to the appropriate support person in the school.   If you are a parent, guardian or supporter of our school, please feel free to contact the school and a support person with be arranged to talk with you.  

As time goes on, it is our sincere hope that time will help to heal aching hearts and that an organisation such as Dreamworld, which has been such a wonderful icon in this area, will once again be able to provide that much needed joy and happiness to so many people’s lives.

On a much happier front, as we head into term four what a wonderful time to be in school!  This is the time of year when we get to celebrate the cumulative achievement of so many of our students.  Last Wednesday we celebrated the sporting achievements of both our junior and senior school athletes and the evening truly showcased the amazing talents of our staff and students.

I simply don’t have the room in this blog to mention everyone, but I would like to make special mention of Mr Robert Brown who was named coach of the year as he led our Girls Rugby League team admirably throughout a very successful season.  Also, a huge congratulations to our Junior Sports People of the Year, Skyla Adams and Kade Rasmussen, our Junior Secondary Sports People of the Year, Storm Reason and Elijah Hola and our Senior Secondary Sports People of the Year Kayley Le Roux and Cobe France. The effort and commitment that these people have put in to rightfully receive these awards is incredible.

These students have represented UCSC proudly throughout the year on our grounds, throughout the district, the state and even internationally overseas which is not only amazing, but experiences that will stay with them for the rest of their lives.

I would also like to make special mention of the tremendous effort undertaken by all of the staff and students who took part in the 2016 Gold Coast Kokoda Challenge.  In particular the organising efforts of Mr Steve Kilvington and the student award winners, Mitchell Kirkman and Tamara Burney.

Staying on the sporting scene, last week I was fortunate enough to attend and present awards at the Gold Coast Academy of Sport Awards evening.  With over 350 people attending (approximately 200 of those being athletes) athletes were recognised with Certificates, Mayoral Awards and prizes throughout the night. The event was hosted last Thursday 27th October at the Royal Pines Resort who helped put on a great event.

These awards recognised the effort and contribution by so many athletes around the Gold Coast who are involved in the Academy and of course, as the only school on the Coast attached to the academy, we were well represented with 80 of our “Future Stars” students stepping up on stage to receive certificates.

I truly want to congratulate all of our student-athletes who are in this program and make special mention of the coaches who put in so much of their time to make this happen for our school.  Simon Taylor, Jenna Crompton and Nick Aldines who were present on the evening are not only inspirational instructors at our school, but have a true passion for supporting, encouraging and guiding our students to bigger and better things in the sporting arena.  The tireless work that they put in for our kids is truly appreciated.

I spoke to many parents and dignitaries during the evening who had such glowing comments on how our students looked (in their very professional sports shirts), acted and conducted themselves on the evening.  The main message was that UCSC was awesome and that the support for the school and the intention to see the program grow in the future was very positive.

Glynis Nunn-Cearns (Deputy Chair and Director, Athlete Services) made a special effort to approach me to thank us for our continued participation in the program and to pass on to all of our community that the academy will continue to support our school and how appreciative she was of the number of student s who actually made the effort to attend on the evening, particularly as our students had to back up from their own awards evening the night before.  Well done to all!!   All I can say about that evening is that UCSC Rocks!!

I also had the extreme honour of attending the 2016 UCSC Senior Academic awards night this week, which was an evening organised and held at the Southport Church of Christ auditorium to recognise those students who have achieved highly with their academic endeavours. Again there were simply too many students to mention each award winner in this blog, but there some real highlights that need special mention. 

Our performing Arts Department at UCSC is unbelievable !!  The talent that was displayed on the night was as good if not better than any performances I’ve witnessed in over 30 years in education at a school event such as this.  The rendition of the National Anthem at the beginning of the night sung by Rachel Adams, Ziebon Heha-Templeton and Gracyn Va’A was beautiful and presented in a very unique, respectful and confident presentation of both versus of the anthem. Very well done and it set a very professional and welcoming tone for the rest of the evening.  It was great!

As well as the talent of these three girls with the anthem, the individual talent of Sarah Parkin keeps getting better and better every time I see her in a performance.  As a break in the academic awards presentation she performed a song, composed by herself entitled “My Mistake” and all I can say is, “Bring on X-Factor”!!  She was awesome in her performance.  Her talent appears so confident and natural and I’m sure backed up by a tremendous amount of hard work.

Also very impressive was the performance on the evening by the school’s senior dance group, consisting of Jayde Porter, Angela Swee, Kelsey Hutchinson and Alisha Robinson.  These students not only performed on this evening, but were a part of the school musical that performed earlier in the year and are most certainly a great ambassador for the artistic talent that exists at UCSC.

I’ve discussed the performances on the evening and haven’t even mentioned the academic awards, so this gives you an indication of the fantastic job that our teachers and supporting staff do in our Arts Department.  Simply put……Great teachers + talented students = UCSC

There were so many high achieving students recognised, however two highlights were the association that our College has with so many outside providers such as TAFE Queensland and Griffith University and obviously the announcement of our 2016 DUX of year.

There were several students awarded direct entry into Griffith University or TAFE study in the coming years, which is not only an honour to be recognised now, but a real opportunity for students that may otherwise not be able to afford to go on into the next phase of their learning in the future.  Our sincere appreciation goes out to all of those outside providers who support out students.

Last and certainly the largest announcement was the 2016 DUX of the year which was awarded to Pierce Clark.  Any student who is awarded this prestigious award is the highest achieving academic in the year 12 class each year and obviously recognises a tremendous amount of hard work and dedication to their studies.  Pierce was a very worthy recipient and we wish him well as he heads off into his next phase of higher level academic challenges. 

The entire evening was a real reflection of hard work and determination by a high performing student body and the huge amount of personal interest and time put in by a sincere, knowledgeable and dedicated staff.  Again Simply put, ………Great teachers + talented students = UCSC

As I stated earlier, this blog was about student achievement that takes place at this time of the year.  But my journey of witnessing the wonderful talents and achievements of our students is not over yet.  In two weeks we will farewell our year 12 students and celebrate their Graduation from compulsory schooling on Tuesday, November 15th at the Gold Coast Convention Centre.  There will also be a school farewell for them the next day at the College and then they’ll enjoy a final event with the class of 2016 Formal function scheduled at the Sofitel Broadbeach on the Friday night, November 18th.   Also coming up is the year 6 graduation on Monday, November 28th, where approximately 140 students will graduate from their Primary years of study and move into the junior secondary department of our wonderful P-12 College next year.  I very much look forward to meeting many of these students and parents, most for the first time.

I want to conclude by taking the opportunity to thank the 2016 school captains for the work that they’ve put into the College this year.  Gabby Lim, Tayla Kamura, Angela Swee and Jayde Porter have been great ambassadors for the school and have earned the respect of their peers and the UCSC community.  We certainly wish them well in their future endeavours and hope that their leadership roles will be an experience that they will carry forward into future endeavourers.  From the entire UCSC Community……… farewell to the class of 2016 and, Good Luck!! 

“Keep your eyes on the stars, and your feet on the ground”

Corey Munson

Secondary Principal

Upper Coomera State College

October 17
So it’s all in a review…

Hine Website.jpgSoon the College will undergo a four day school performance review by a team of educators from around the State.  If you’ve been in schools long enough you would have remembered the Teaching and Learning Audits where schools were graded in specific areas. After a year, they continued the audits and provided feedback based on a 5 point scale. Since 2014 audits have been replaced with reviews.

At my last school I welcomed a review as it enabled me to work with my community to revision the school capturing the future.  The feedback provided a roadmap for the next four years, by documenting a strategic plan made developing the yearly explicit improvement agenda and budgeting far more easier.

The school review team utilises the National School Improvement Tool of nine inter-related domains,

  • An explicit improvement agenda
  • Analysis and discussion of data
  • A culture that promotes learning
  • Targeted use of school resources
  • An expert teaching team
  • Systematic curriculum delivery
  • Differentiated teaching and learning
  • Effective pedagogical practices
  • School-community partnerships

The review team over the four allocated days will make observations, have conversations and gather evidence in accordance to these domains.

Community feedback is an important part of school reviews, with parents, students and the community encouraged to have their say.

If you would like to contribute to our review or would like more information, please contact our school office or email

The Department of Education and Training has a new website, if you wish to read more about school reviews, check out

September 14
Secondary School Update

R U OK Day.jpgI am extremely happy to be joining the staff at Upper Coomera State College as Principal of the Secondary School. Although new to UCSC and to the Gold Coast area, I have worked for Education Queensland in a variety of levels over the last 30 years and I bring a great deal of knowledge and experience to the College.  I come into the Southeast Region from Central Queensland, with the majority of my time in the Rockhampton area.  Equally excited about the move to the Gold Coast is my wife of 28 years, Leanne and we have two children.  Daughter, Morgan is 25 and lives and works in Boston, USA and son, Brodie who will graduates from University in May of next year in Albany, New York, USA.

My style as an educational leader is very much one that promotes learning that inspires our students, needs to be enjoyable and needs to be inclusive of all students. The learning process needs to be fun for both students and staff members, yet I acknowledge the fact that the best indicator of a successful school or learning program is one where students are actively engaged and attaining high quality outcomes which meet, or even exceed, their own and others expectations that prepare them best for the future.

It has been very pleasing for me to join an administration team at the college where all members possess the same values, same direction for learning and same thirst for developing the amazing potential that lies within the college. Both Hine Luis and I come to the college after successfully leading high performing schools in the past, throw in the vast experience that our new Head of Special Education Services, Kylee Leota brings into the Advancement Centre, tie us all together by the very knowledgeable leadership of Executive Principal, Chris Capra and you have an administration team that can accomplish some truly positive outcomes and one that the community should have great deal of confidence in as a group that will deliver a quality education for their child.

As Hine (Luis) mentioned in her previous blog, although only being at UCSC for a short period of time, I too have already experienced so much in one term at the college.  Some positive movements that I’ve been able to enact in this short time include:

  • Re-position the HPE staff back down to the Sports Centre.  This was common sense move that enabled the HPE teachers to be closer to their area of teaching and at the same time provided an adult presence on the oval to assist with such issues as behaviour and litter during breaks.
  • Re-position our Youth Support Coordinator into the library area where he can be in contact with a larger number of students and at the same time assist with student engagement in academic studies when classes are present.
  • Re-position our Behaviour Support Coordinator into an office more centralised to our students so that they can more easily access his services.
  • Amalgamate a number of various school planning calendars from around the school into ONE centralised format to not only get everyone on the same page, but to highlight our focus on that seamless P-12 education.
  • Implement a class observation schedule by Heads of Departments and Deputy Principals to both support teachers and students in the classroom and to promote an open classroom culture where we can work better as a team to support best practice which ultimately leads to the quality of education elevating.
  • Appointed a new year 7 Dean, Miss Casey Garget who replaced Ms Libby Graves who left on Maternity leave. 

In addition, there are a number of items in term 4 that we will be discussing with the intent on improving communication, providing a more clear direction to staff and students and creating that atmosphere of belonging within the college:

  • Implementation of a whole School Planning Calendar of scheduled events (e.g. excursions, incursions, etc.) for 2017
  • College preparation for NAPLAN Online (to be fully implemented by 2019)
  • Sport at UCSC in 2017
  • Formation of a committee that will survey all stakeholders in designing a new mascot for the college in 2017
  • Implementation of steering committee that will oversee the P-12 concept of a whole school framework for Reading
  • Formation of an amalgamated student intervention committee to better equip all support staff in the monitoring and service delivery for those students requiring extra support. 

Several of the functions and events that I have been able to attend have demonstrated the impressive amount of work of our students and staff have put in including:

  • The College Musical I didn’t just go to once, but including their performance for outside groups, I’ve witnessed their amazing artistic talents 4 times !  I love a good musical and I have to say our students, including the Junior School Choir and the Drumline are awesome!
Musical Full Cast Photo Smaller.jpg
  • The Honours Enrichment Showcase held in the PAC displayed the incredible scientific and high order thinking talent that we have here at the college.  There were so many great displays and the pressure was most certainly on when I was selected as a judge to decide the winner.

IMG_5739 (Copy).JPG

  • Teacher Recognition breakfast where we were able to recognise Michael Rambold, Brett Hendrickson, Lynn Davies and Nicole Hughes among their colleagues and Principals from around the northern Gold Coast schools.
  • I was thrilled to be in attendance at the 2016 School Based Apprenticeship and Traineeship Awards (otherwise known as the SAT Awards) at the Logan Entertainment Centre as Year 11 student, Maddison Hutchinson won the School Based Trainee of the Year award.  Maddison has been working toward her Certificate II Animal Studies with Greencross Vets and did the college extremely proud through her hard work and effort.
  • The first UCSC Community Festival, where Rachel Best and Shelley Kent did an amazing job of bringing the school and community together on the school oval.
  • The first official opening of the UCSC Business Guild.  An evening at the PAC where small business owners could network with both our students and other owners to see how they can best support our students in their pursuit of employment and further skill development in the business industry.
  • Mr Capra and I displayed our culinary skills by cooking breakfast for staff in the annual R U Ok Day.  This day is set aside to bring awareness to everyone about how important our staff wellbeing is in all businesses and organisations around the country
  • I attended the Annual Teacher Aide Day morning tea to recognise the wonderful job that our supporting cast of Teacher Aides do at our college every day.  Many times their work goes unnoticed, but in reality their talents are vital and so very important to the education of our students.

I have truly found UCSC to be a wonderful school with so many talented students and staff.  I’m extremely happy to be here on the Gold Coast and in the South East Region and it is my hope that I can inspire that great potential that lies within so many of the students at our college.
“The starting point of all achievement is desire”


September 05
Junior School Principal's Blog - Week 9

IMG_5565.JPGI definitely have the best job in the world, leading the junior school at UCSC, I feel very lucky and honoured to be part of this community. 

I believe my skill set will in no doubt value-add to the good work already undertaken by staff to improve student learning.  In the short time that I have been at the College we have,

  • Changed the uniform infringement notification system to a process that values learning time.  No longer are children required to line up at the front counter before school, students are now directed to their class and are discretely issued an infringement notice by a member of the leadership team. 
  • Implemented a pre-Prep program catering for 56 students each Thursday morning.  The program works in parallel with parent workshops that are focused on the developmental needs of 4.5 – 5.5 year olds. 
  • Delegated the role of leading assemblies to our student leaders.  Under the guidance of our Associate Principal and Deputy Principals our student leadership team run both P-2 and 3-6 assemblies.  The leaders take great pride in their new responsibility and are enjoying this opportunity. 
  • Expanded the play space of our preps by utilising our leaders across the College.  The Year 12 Ignite students with year 6 students and Mr Bailey take two prep classes to the oval during play breaks.  Our leaders provide a safe play environment through organised games specifically to support the development of social skills.  All students are enjoying this opportunity and it is having a great impact on reducing the number of playground incidences in the prep playground. 
  • Enabled an opportunity for our College Chaplain – Ben to work with a small group of students on Monday and Friday afternoons to further support our student wellbeing program.  Thanks Chappy Ben!

IMG_7393 (Copy).JPGIMG_7390 (Copy).JPG

Furthermore we have,
  • Enjoyed a range of STEM activities and recently held a Day of Excellence with over 150 students from feeder primary schools in attendance.  We also gained positive media attention which highlighted our College as a leader in this program on the Gold Coast.
  • Celebrated the success of our Sports Excellence classes who not only have competed and placed well in a range of competitions; have more importantly topped the College’s school attendance target, winning the Junior School attendance award numerous times.
  • Applauded the success of our Choirs in Eisteddfods and other performing arts students from Dance Troupe to Instrumental Music.  Congratulations to Mr Lewerrissa and Mrs Hughes for their ongoing support to our students.

Now you know why I enjoy working at this school, the opportunities for student learning is beyond what most schools can offer.

Congratulations UCSC!

August 22
Executive Principal Update

Dear Parents and Community,

The past two weeks has seen a lot of proactive and productive work accomplished across the college.  Channel 9 returned to do a good news story on our Science, Technology, Engineering and Maths (STEM) students which aired last Friday Night.  Our P-12 Performing Arts groups continue to achieve strong results at the Gold Coast Eisteddfod.  It was great to hear that the Junior School Choirs not only won the Beenleigh Eisteddfod but they have been invited to participate in an event held up the top of the Q1 later this year.  The Performing Arts Team are running on empty after three successful performances of this year’s Musical.  It was great to see how well the P-12 college came together for this event.  Other good news stories and events include:

  • Successful 2016 Kokoda College campaign.  120 of our students and staff represented the college and walked either 48kms or 96kms through mud, rain, cold and steep terrain (not to mention the months of training and fundraising).
  • The Senior Hospitality students commence a three night Restaurant Program starting today, called 'SilverOak' where guests will be treated to a sit down first class dinner.
  • We hosted the first UCSC Business Guild twilight drinks last Wednesday 17 August inviting local businesses to come and share mocktails and canapes served by our Hospitality and Catering students, whilst networking and hearing all about our exciting new Business Guild
  • There is a Legends of UCSC (former students) gathering coming up encouraging close connections with our graduates.
  • Chaplain Ben now works across the P-12 college.  The P&C have ensured we keep Ben three days a week with a further donation to the college (we risked losing Ben’s third day).
  • Father’s Day stall coming up.

Hospitality Team.jpg
After the set back of the negative media exposure due to the physical assault incident on the oval, I have been impressed with the student body reaction and positive behaviour since then.  In the days immediately following the incident all secondary students attended special assemblies where we:

  1. Outlined the behaviours displayed and the consequences we applied to the behaviour
  2. Watched the footage and articulated the possible effect that this has on our students being successful in securing part-time work, traineeships and apprenticeships and
  3. That society just does not accept this behaviour anymore.  

To the best of our knowledge there have been seven physical assaults this year on the college grounds that have been reported to the office, on each and every occasion (whether the media was aware or not) consequences have been issued that ranged from long term suspensions to exclusions including charges being issued by the police.  To balance the reactionary responses we have taken this year in responding to poor behaviour, we are currently in the process of reviewing our proactive programs for students.  I would like to thank the students and parents who have been assisting me in this endeavour.  Ideas from parents and students are critical in assisting us to shape our plans to meet the current needs of our students in a rapidly changing environment.

Over the past two weeks I have been working with the Parent Council and Student Leaders on long term plans for making greater use of our student leaders and seniors.  As mentioned above, we have also been discussing the options we have in planning for the delivery of proactive social and emotional welfare programs that better meet the needs of our students. 

To date, we are either implementing in 2016 or in 2017, programs including; Love Bites, Life Education, Family Planning Qld, IGNITE and furthermore we are exploring the possibility of vertical Pastoral Care Groups in 2017 instead of form classes.

July 26
Executive Principal Welcome

​Dear Parents,

Welcome to UCSC’s first Principal’s Blog. 

Communication with parents is an important task for any school and it is also very hard to get it right in a rapidly changing information environment.  Getting information to our community and receiving communication back is something that we examine frequently in an attempt to meet the needs of our parents.  In my 20 years as a principal I have seen

  • 1996 – The school newsletter was printed out each week and sent home.  The newsletter was mainly text with some Clip Art (remember that!) and photocopied photos which were manually stuck on prior to printing.
  • 2006 – The school newsletter was printed each week and sent home.  The newsletter was a mix of text, inserted graphics and photos with Word Art and may have included tables and graphs.  Schools had websites that were updated as infrequently as once a term to once a year.
  • 2011 – The school newsletter was emailed home.  Many schools had transitioned to websites being the main source of information with site updates occurring more frequently.  Schools were using text messages for information updates.  Most parents accessed the school’s information on a PC or laptop

In 2016 we live in an environment where

  • Less than 30% of our community open the newsletter attachment
  • Most of our parents and students engage more with a Smart Phone or Tablet than a PC or laptop
  • Website is updated on a needs basis – which may mean daily
  • Text messaging in many instances is free
  • Q Schools App allows tablets and Smart Phone ease of access

In 1996 when information needed to be sent out, it waited until the next newsletter.  In the information age, this philosophy just doesn’t cut it.  In 2016 we need to balance what information we send and when we send it to ensure that parents receive it in a timely manner and that its level of importance is high enough to ensure that parents actually read it.  I delete more correspondence in a day than I read, I assume that you do too.

With our mix of website, App, text messaging and emails and the lack of parent engagement with the newsletter we are looking at trialling a Principal Blog.  When the primary school, secondary school or P-12 college principal have something meaningful to say, we will publish a Blog that is smart phone friendly as opposed to waiting for a monthly newsletter.

As communication is important we are also examining the establishment of a communication / marketing reference group to assist us to get it right for parents, community and businesses.  We would love parent involvement.  Shelley Kent will send out more details in the near future.  

In meantime, let us know what you think about the communication processes the college uses.


Chris Capra
Executive Principal

July 26
Welcome to the UCSC Principals Blog!

Here at UCSC we believe communication is key to providing a successful and wholistic education to our students.

In this new day and age instantaneous communication has become our norm, and more and more of our parents and students are using their Smart Phones or Tablets to communicate and find out information. The UCSC Principals Blog will contain important updates from our Principals and Leadership staff about college happenings, some interesting educational reads, will talk about up and coming events and ensure that our parents and students are at the forefront of all communication.

We encourage all of our parents and students to keep up to date with the regular blog posts and share your comments with us on the topics.

We hope you enjoy reading!


 About this blog

Welcome to the UCSC Principals Blog. Check this space to keep up to date with all our news, across Prep to Year 12.