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Young minds solving Water Challenges of the Future - By Shiina and Shayna

​SEQ Water Engineering Excellence Program

This year during term 2 of semester 1, over 20 grade six students which excel in the STEM areas (Science, technology, engineering, mathematics) were selected to take part in the SEQ Water challenge, which involved learning about the Hinze Dam and constructing a prototype of a dam which they had chosen to reconstruct using the provided recycled materials. These students worked on their dam projects within Upper Coomera State College, having the great opportunity to visit the Hinze Dam, learning from professional engineers. This challenge had supported the students to learn more about where their water comes from and also helps them to have a glimpse of what engineering is like in the real world. Amy, Toni, and Lillian from 6E quotes, “we are excited about being able to visit a real dam and seeing real structures of a dam.” Students were invited to go to Hinze dam, learn from real engineers about what is needed to be accomplished in order for the water to reach our taps.” 
In this challenge, the students were to create their very own prototype of a dam they had selected, having a selection of different valleys/dams that they could choose from, to construct their very own dam out of materials which they were provided with. UCSC students had to use their knowledge of dams to choose the best and most beneficial dam design to create their own, based off their selected design. Because of all of the students’ hard work and great interest in this topic, students were able to visit the Hinze Dam and see it in action.

These students worked very hard and had put in a huge amount of effort into their designing and constructing. Though some of the students had come across a few issues with their designs, they had managed to troubleshoot them using their great knowledge and understanding of dams from what they had previously learnt. These students had successfully created their dams, which had left many impressed.

‘How has the growth evolved with the students during this challenge?’
“Students have gone from needing assistance every step of the way to becoming accountable, independent workers. This challenge has really given the students the time to use their creative minds to create such great and clever ideas.” UCSC teacher.
Congratulations to the outstanding students who accomplished their tough challenges at a high academic level. The UCSC staff and SEQ water staff have created an unforgettable experience for the young talented students. The students who had put a large amount of unimaginable effort and strived so hard for this opportunity and Upper Coomera State College, would like to thank ‘SEQ Water’ for their hard work and sweat which was beyond amazing. UCSC staff-“A big thank you to our fantastic lab technicians our publicity stuff, several secondary science teachers and of course the hard work of over 20 year 6 students that volunteer their time for this project/program to make this possible.” UCSC plans to continue providing students with the best education in a healthy environment, and give many more memorable opportunities and experiences.

Story written by Shiina Oiwa (7A) and Shayna Maea (7A) UCSC Student Reporters