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Year 12 Block Exam - Week 9

​Dear Year 12 Parents/Caregivers,

Please see the block exam schedule for Week 9 for Year 12 students.  Exams will run from Monday 4 September to Friday 8 September.

Some points to ensure your child is aware of for Week 9 are:

·  This is a shut-down week - there will be no Year 12 classes. Students are only required at school when you have an exam or other session scheduled. 

·  Students must be wearing full school uniform (including black leather shoes) to enter an exam room.

·  Students should not be wandering the school – if at school, they should be in an exam room.

· When not in an exam they should not to be on school grounds, they have this time to be at home studying. 

·  If students arrive at school early for an exam they must wait in the Secondary Canteen area only until it is time for the scheduled exam. 

·  If your child is unable to attend an exam on the scheduled day, a parent must phone Administration that morning and your child must bring a medical certificate to school as soon as they are able and arrange with the teacher an alternative time to sit the exam.

· Students are not enter and exit the College via the Primary School gates on Brygon Creek Road during school hours (8:40 am – 2:40 pm).  This is too disruptive to primary school classes.  They are to enter and leave via our Secondary gate on Reserve Road.

All the best for all to students sitting QCS tests over the next 2 days.  Parents can help by ensuring your child eats nutritious food to fuel their brains and goes to bed at reasonable times to ensure they get a good 8 hours rest each night.  You can also help your child by assisting them to have a regular study routine after school so exam preparation is not left until the last minute.

Good luck to all students with their upcoming exams.