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Leadership Camp News Story written by Marci McDermott

​Junior Secondary school captains all around the Gold Coast had the privilege to attend the 2017 Gold Coast Junior Secondary Leadership Summit.
On Monday, the 15th, and Tuesday the 16th of May, all Junior Secondary captains from public schools all over the Gold Coast were honoured to go on the Leadership Summit at the Gold Coast Sports Super centre.
On the first day, students were greeted by the leadership coordinator, Correy Chiappetta and two teachers, one of them being a teacher from Keebra Park State High School and the other teacher, from Coombabah High School. Along with Correy, were to other coordinators, Anika and Caitlin.

Other than the leaders from our schools, nobody knew each other, which was part of the fun! Correy started off by going through what we would learn, and do in the two days we had at the Summit. We all were sat at tables with students we had never met. After Correy introduced the summit, we all wrote on sticky notes what we would like to get out of the next few days. Most students wrote about making new friends, and working on leadership skills. Whereas others wanted to have fun with new people!
Correy handed out sheets of paper for a game called Ice Breaker. It is a game where students went around the room asking people questions listed on the sheet. The goal was to get a student’s name next to each question. The first person to finish gets a prize. It was a great way to get to know the leaders within 10 minutes.
After the introduction and games, we had morning tea. From the restaurant, there is a view of the gym and the humongous track where athletes train. One of my favourite moments was getting to see Sally Pearson with the Minster for Education on the track!
After our delicious morning tea, that consisted of muffins, fruit and drinks, we listened to the Hon. Stuart Robert, member of the Australian House of Representatives, talk about his story, and who he is inspired by to become the great leader he is today. Up next was the Leadership in Action challenge. The large group of students were split into two groups of thirty where we would do challenges. There were three interactive workshops on leadership and team building. These team building challenges helped on communication and team working skills, that helped us especially on communication skills.
After our team building activities, we spoke with our next guest leader, Cr. Cameron Caldwell, Councillor for Div. 3 and Chair of Planning, City of Gold Coast. Cameron inspired all the leaders to leave a legacy, and shared an amazing quote, “everyone together, makes things better”.

After lunch, Correy talked to us about successful habits, and successful people. He shared good and bad habits which changed our state of mind to work on our leadership, and make a difference. Correy then introduced us to the School Action Plan. For us students, it’s public speaking practice, which helps with confidence for Captains. Alongside me in this plan, were my fellow school captains, Imogen Schmahl and Thomas Vayro. For our action plan, we were to think of a legacy we can leave behind for the generations to come, before we graduate in 2020. Thomas, Imogen and I had the idea of having each gradating grade at Upper Coomera State College (6, 9, 12) working together to create murals as a legacy. It’s not only leaving a legacy for us, as captains, but for all the graduating years to come.
After afternoon tea, we were told to go to our lodges and do what the super centre called ‘Re-energize and Networking’. Its where all captains had the time to hang out with each other. A lot of the captains had fun in joining in on Volley Ball, which allowed us all to work as a team, while still having a lot of fun!
After dinner, we worked in groups of 5 and talked about what inspires us. It was nice getting to know everyone’s leadership journey. We also discussed our major influences in our lives.

The next day we were told to wake up at 5:30 am, for a bike ride. Although no one wanted to wake up, the sunrise was worth it. After the bike ride through the super centre grounds, we walked, and jogged the large track, which is definitely an experience myself, and the other leaders will never forget.
After breakfast, para-athlete Dan Trollope, spoke to all the leaders about his life story as a para-athlete and the challenges he has faced being paralysed from the chest down.

Then Alyce Burnett, an Olympic Canoeist, talked to the leaders about her childhood and what inspired her to do a sport she originally wasn’t good at. She told the leaders about how her family inspired her to keep trying, which helped her confidence and turned her into the amazing Olympian she is today.
Next up was the School Specific Action Plan Student Presentations – Legacy. All the school’s presentations were absolutely amazing! I know a favourite was definitely Palm beach Currumbin’s Legacy to help the wild life sanctuary foundation!
All schools presented in front of Principals, and other teachers from their schools. When everyone had finished presenting, we watched clips from the two days of us working as a team, and all captains having a say in what they achieved in the two days. It was fun seeing everyone’s opinions and how much the summit inspired them.
At the end of the day, we ate some amazing cake, and got certificates on our great leadership. All school students signed a Charter poster, that the Super centre would display for the public to see. We all got photos before having to say our last goodbyes to our new friends, we will never forget. I hope to see everyone at the 2019 year 11 summit!
Marci McDermott.