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Creative Writing Assignment written by Korben Poninghaus


“Oi, kid. There’s a phone call for ya,” says the guard.

“If it isn’t my lawyer, I don’t wanna hear it!” Pablo replies.

“Your mum has died of cancer, sorry buddy,” says the guard.

Pablo punches the wall out of anger.

“What are you in here for anyway?” asks the guard.

“What’s it matter to you anyway?” says Pablo.

“Don’t get lippy to me boy. I’m new and just want to know why you’re in here.”

“Do you really want to know?” asks Pablo.

“Yeah, I’ve got a few minutes,” the guard says as he grabs a chair.

“Alright then. So this one day I was sitting in a café with my boys” …

The guard interrupts Pablo. “Your boys?” he chuckles “Who are they?”

“All my boys in La Eme, Pablo replies.

“Oh ok,” The guard had not realised who he was talking to. “A member of the La Eme?”

Pablo continues to explain his story. “Yeah I was with my boys in this café when Phillipe walked in with his boys.”

“Who’s Phillipe?” the guard asks.

“He’s a member of our rival gang… the 18th street gang. “Have you heard about them?”

“Yeah I have, we have a couple members in this prison,” replies the guard.

“Oh really,” replies Pablo with a smirk on his face.

The guard gives Pablo a strange look but tells him to continue with his story.

“So yeah Phillipe walked in and gave me and all my boys a look but I let it go. Then Phillipe started yelling trash from across the café, bad mouthing us, you know? Like La Eme was nothing. Then I started yelling stuff back and that’s when things started getting violent”

The guard interrupts. “Hold up, I’m getting some food and something to drink.” The guard returns 5 minutes later with a banana, a sandwich and some water and tells Pablo to continue.

“So yeah then Phillipe starts walking towards me and I stand up and push him back telling him not in here. But he didn’t listen to me. He throws a punch at me hitting me in the jaw. Then all of my boys stand up and rush over to us … so do Phillipe’s. I just knew the crap was about to hit the fan. I could hear the knives and see the guns being pulled out … and the yelling. Everyone in the café started running in fear of getting caught in the crossfire. Then it happened.”

The guard interrupts, “What happened?”

Pablo gives the guard a foul look for interrupting again but continues. “So pretty much everyone ran out of the café but mine and Phillipe’s boys. Phillipe launches himself at me and I throw him to the floor and started punching him in the face over and over till he stopped moving. One of his boys tackles me off him. Blood was all over me, on my shirt, my pants, knuckles. Everywhere. The adrenaline was pumping, I pulled my gun on the guy who tackled me and shot 6 times. I hit him the chest 5 times.”

“What, did the last bullet miss?” the guard says while laughing.

“No. That bullet hit a five year old girl who had just got off the bus out the front of the café. It killed her instantly. That’s when the police came into the café and arrested everyone who was still breathing. When they were taking me out of the café I looked over to the little girl laying there lifelessly in a pool of her own blood. I didn’t know what to think, all I knew is that I killed an innocent girl who had so much more of her life left.”

“How many years did you get?” asks the guard.

“Got 40 years. I’ve been in here since I was 16. I’m now 22 and have so much longer left in this place,” says Pablo sadly.

“Did you learn anything from this?” asks the guard.

“Yeah being a part of a gang is crap. Yeah there’s drugs, money, girls but at the end of it all being in a gang is bad. There’s only two choices for gang members.”

“What are they” the guard asked.

“Be killed or put in jail. It just isn’t worth it and now I’m stuck in here for 34 more years wasting my life. The worst of it is the guilt of killing a child,” Pablo says.

“That’s too bad … for everyone.” The guard stands up, puts his chair back and walks away.

Written by KP

Yr 10 English student November 2016